There are so many reasons that I have fallen in love with working out and CrossFit. It has allowed me to become more of an athlete both in the gym and out. Prior to starting, I didn’t know about functional movement patterns or why it was important to master them. We use them everyday whether we know it or not.

Before I went to Northlake, I found myself going through the same fitness routine each week; arms, legs and core. After a while, that became so stagnant and boring. When I heard that Amy and Jason were opening a CrossFit Northlake gym, I was curious to test my athleticism. I completed my first foundations workout with Amy, and I swear she tried to kill me. Rowing, burpees and toes to bar…. I wasn’t sure what just happened but was immediately hooked. I knew, this was the “sport” that would take my training to the next level.

CrossFit was my new sport, I must have watched every video on olympic lifting that there was. What really took me over the top was checking out Open workout 13.1 at CrossFit Vitality. The intensity, strength and grit of those athletes was something I desired to add to my own arsenal.

Shortly after that, I began coaching the Bootcamp program at CrossFit Northlake. As my knowledge of the movements increased and my passion for helping people learn the movements, I started to coach the CrossFit classes as well.

I truly enjoy seeing that light bulb moment – when a member understands a movement or hits a personal best. I am looking forward to many light bulb moments at Northlake Westend. I have had an opportunity to be apart of a wonderful community at CrossFit Northlake, and we plan to bring that same passion, commitment and sense of community to Northlake Westend.