We have experienced an amazing growth with our Personal Training Programs. QCFIT boasts an impressive facility that will keep you from getting bored with your training and keep you guessing with what will be in store for you next. From flipping tractor tires, swinging kettlebells, olympic lifting, and an endless array of bodyweight and gymnastics movements, your program will be unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Our coaches are here to hold you accountable to your goals, not to sugarcoat the truth. They are not here to count your reps and waste your time. They are extremely professional and will expect 100% effort each time you train together. The results we have seen with our clients have been staggering and extremely impressive. We hope that you will come try a free session with one of our coaches to find out if you will allow us to help you reach your goals. There is nothing that is impossible, but you need to keep one thing in mind, “If you want things you have never had before, you must be willing to do things you have never done before”. You cannot train the same way you have in the past and expect different results. Our program works if you will let it. Contact us to set-up your trial training session.

Personal Training Costs:

1 on 1
30 minute (HH) or 1 hour sessions:
Single Individual Sessions: $40 HH / $75 HOUR
4 Sessions: $150 HH / $280 HOUR
6 Sessions: $220 HH / $410 HOUR
8 Sessions: $290 HH / $540 HOUR
12 Sessions: $430 HH / $800 HOUR
16 Sessions: $560 HH / $1,040 HOUR
Unlimited Monthly Training: $900


1 on 2 (with a partner)
30 minute (HH) or 1 hour sessions:
Single Pair Sessions: $75 HH / $140 HOUR
4 Pair sessions $300 HH / $600 HOUR
6 Pair  sessions $450 HH / $800 HOUR
8 Pair sessions $550 HH / $1,000 HOUR
12 Pair sessions $800 HH / $1,500 HOUR
16 Pair sessions $1100 HH / $2,000 HOUR
Unlimited Pairs Monthly Training $1,600