Yoga for athletes is a perfect compliment for all cross fitters.  This class is a 60 minute deep stretch class designed to help athletes improve their flexibility and mobility.

By first warming up the major muscles of the body, we go into longer, deeper holds in order to break up tight tissue and increase range of motion.  Often times, athletes have difficulty hitting olympic lifts due to poor range of motion/inflexibility.

In this class we focus on opening hips and shoulders to make those heavy lifts attainable.  Yoga for athletes teaches balance and control which can be imperative for heavy squats, pistols, and snatch work.  Lastly, this class focuses on breath work, which is vital during tough wods.

Learn to lower your heart rate through yoga breathing techniques (think how great it would be to lower your heart rate after 50 burpees in order to finish the next 50!).  Add this class to your weekly regimen, as an active recovery workout and you will see all the benefits above as well as restore muscle soreness, strengthen the core, and find the perfect relaxing yin to your intense crossfit yang.